A method of mapping an  information is to stipulate the generation and analysis of it . A method of accessing intelligence, allow rapid expansion and exploration of an idea in note.

Mind mapping is a process oriented problem solver there are few thing to be followed by us.

• Finding Right questions

• Interviewing seeing Patterns

• Ideas seeing solutions

• Relating to bigger problem comparing view points

• Self Team Problem solving

• Random Thoughts

• Free- Associating

• Writing A talk Over coming Writer’s Block brain

• Non- Judging.

• The more visual the  better , mind mapping gives us a joy of creating new scenarios and unbelievable  solutions to it.

• Mind mapping helps to implement critical decision as an easy task for the team members to understand and come up with decisions.

• So we can add more visuals and colours and Keep working until  we are satisfied.

Types of  Mind maps  at Value Charts

Roots and branches

Bubble Mapping

Mermaid Mapping

Site Mapping

Mind Maps  is an  Expression of radiant Thinking which naturally gives nodes of connection to our brain.

According to professionals Mind Maps has four essential characteristics

• Subject of attention is crystallised in a central image

• The main themes of the subject radiate from the central image branched

• Branches comprise a key image or key word .

• Topic with lesser importance are represented as branches attached to higher- level branches

• The branches form a connected nodal structure .

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