Moving  with Cloud computing   technologies has become part of  life  not only for IT industry  but for all the micro to macro invasions all over the globe .  Nearly all the industries  and business are paving their way to become a part of cloud computing  technologies  which benefits them to reach world wide customer  and travelling through  internet is made easier to reach different part of  regions  to grow their business and friendship.  Social media is a best example and easy to understand user interface about cloud computing . 

        The cost of managing  and maintaining  your IT system , collaboration efficiency improved , flexibility of work practises altered , accessing with  automatic updates has  reduced maintaining time with the structure of cloud computing . Value flow soft/value charts  has diagram templates for planning the each stage on the structure of cloud computing  .

Structure of Cloud Computing

As we know Cloud computing  is a   virtualization of technologies to form a shared infrastructure that enables web based value added services.  Important services modules are infrastructure, platform and software services, Development  and Data.                                                              

Applications  – Saas

• Virtualization utility for services for users.

• Virtual desktop .

• End User

Users access to software or services which is assembled in the cloud and not on the User’ device.  Example : Google apps, drop box ,Salesforce.

     The cloud computing offers many benefits  like balancing of reduced hardware, configuration, and maintenance costs. It benefits organization by enabling collaboration amongst disparate communities and workgroups and has overcome challenges of boundaries in  business solutions .

      Security, Privacy, Integrity of the cloud computing are given key and  prime importance  throughout.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

• Offers access to APIs

• Programming languages

• Development of Middleware.

All these allows user’s or subscribers to develop custom applications without installing and  configuring the development environment using value flow soft .

Infrastructure- Iaas

In terms Iaas  is the equivalent to servers and hardware

For example: Amazon Web services(AWS) , Cisco Metapod, Microsoft Azure,

Google Compute Engine (GCE) Are some of the major infrastructure provider. •Physical data centre. •Servers •Networking •Storage

Cloud storage:

An effective cloud storage has to be agile,  flexible, scalable , multi-tenancy, and secure.

Cloud Computing Architect

Value charts  can be a good planner supporter for engineers to designed , create , with the integrations of cloud computing management .  Upcoming web designers , Android App developers, IoT mapping  can find the best Templates, shapes and groups  on value charts to give their company a thriving success  with the Networking shapes Cisco framework , wireframe work , Software templates etc.

All you need with Cloud Computing Management is easily accessible with Value Charts.

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